“Working on large scale paintings is important to me. I want to feel that the hues of colour I create and illustrations are able to move and exist freely in their space, much as a dancer can move freely in their space. I want to express what I feel through colour and organic freehand illustrations. I see colour in motion, blending from one to the other as they are seen in nature; golden yellows to greenish hues found on a leaf, or perhaps a crisp white softly blends into magenta on a flower petal. On large scale blending I use Lazure painting, a method founded by Rudolf Steiner. By mixing, diluting my acrylic pigments and blending wet on wet paint directly on the surface, layer by layer, I can create this fluidity between hues and even sometimes create a sense of depth to the eye. Lines and contours that make up illustrations are also a key element at times in my work. I feel the most connected to the space, the time, even the wall surface, rough or smooth, when I paint freehand directly onto the wall. Like a dance, my entire being become one with the project before me. At times I am sideways, on my back, perhaps reaching or sometimes almost upside-down in order to finish a particular paint stroke. Painting is when I feel the most grounded, even if I am painting a cloud. It is a moment for me when the complications in our world dissolve into simplicity. It is because of this feeling, that I also create each and every one of my colours from the three primary pigments. No colour is exactly the same as another, as we are, and everything growing and alive in this world.” -Rhapsody Valentine

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