Working on large scale paintings is a passion for me. Every time I have a new client I am utterly excited because every project is so unique. I listen to the desires, ideas and needs of my client in order to create a first draft of sketches that I will then develop upon. I love being a part of, and seeing that the hues of colour I create are able to move and exist freely in their own space. As Goethe once stated, colour is always in motion; blending from one to the other as they are seen in nature. On large scale blending motifs I use Waldorf Lazure painting, a method founded by Rudolf Steiner. By mixing, diluting my acrylic pigments and blending wet on wet paint directly on the surface, layer by layer, I can achieve this fluidity between hues and even create a sense of depth. The illustrations are also a key element at times in my work as I feel the most connected to the space, when I paint freehand directly onto the wall. Like a dance, my entire being becomes one with the project before me. At times I am sideways, on my back, perhaps reaching, or sometimes almost upside-down in order to finish a particular paint stroke. Painting is when I feel the most grounded, even if I am painting a cloud. It is a moment for me when the complications in our world dissolve into simplicity. It is because of this feeling, that I also create each and every one of my colours from the three primary pigments. Just as each space and environment is unique, so is each art mural. I very much look forward to hearing about your project and being a part of your team to create the mural that brings your own business or educational system to the foreground.

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