Rhapsody’s Artist Dream

First Fundraising Campaign 2018 is Launched!

I am very excited to follow through with this campaign – an amazing opportunity for which I am sincerely grateful to have. I would like to thank my supporters and also my anonymous supporters which are making this really happen.


Emma King, Eloy Salinas, Emily Theissen, Françoise & Jean-Paul Flament, Grace Leal, Meesha Heydon, Ashlyn J. Posiak, Thommy Flament, Melinda Leal, Ken Valentine and my anonymous donors.

This is only the beginning and it would be a great honor to add yet more names to my Thank You list! Reaching out and finding such sincere support from friends, family and strangers alike is inspiring in itself.

We are beautiful! I would like to paint and share our honesty and love in the best way I know how because I believe we must never doubt our all embodying natural beauty. Bringing positive and love to the foreground in our lives is important and should never be lost.

For more information on how you can support me click here and see what gift rewards I send to you for a donation.

Please share this page with friends, family, work colleagues, teachers and parents. It may help bring me closer to someone who loves my work but didn’t know I was here!

…And it may encourage YOU and SOMEONE ELSE to take a creative risk today and everyday.

Creativity is a positive key in our growth and it is full of love.

If you have any questions concerning the fundraiser and your support please contact me directly. Email: rhapsodylvalentine@gmail.com

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