Rhapsody Valentine is an American artist born in California currently based in France. Creating art, working with color theory and expressing one’s self through painting is Rhapsody’s passion. She continued her art development at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Avignon where from she graduated in 2013. Rhapsody loves to share her creative passion and continues exhibiting her artwork in places that inspire her weather indoors or out. Her fine artwork of watercolor, charcoal or inks on paper are figurative and painted from live models. This creative passion is found entirely in her mural artwork where she adventures in color. Rhapsody passionately dedicates herself to her creativity and self growth. She always encourages others to do the same and enjoys sharing her art knowledge. With a background in Waldorf Education, dance, cello, Franco-American communications, Graphic Design she has also been a part of performances at Palais de Tokyo with ESAA, live art performances at Mamasté Festival in Grenoble, Feminaissance Association, Studio Apeloig in Paris and the Fondation Salomon in Annecy.