Murals & Waldorf Lazure Painting

Discover Waldorf Lazure

Waldorf Lazure murals are created by painting in a continueous brush motion with a water based paint like watercolor. By layering almost transparent shades of pigment one is able to create the soft and harmoneous atmosphere of the Lazure world. Invented by Mr. Rudolf Steiner in 1919, it was first seen in the Waldorf school classrooms. Walls are transformed with layers of color that play with light throughout the day. As the eye naturally looks for depth within the layers and overlapping color, Lazure is often compared to looking at soft clouds in the sky. Today, the Lazure technique is found not only in Waldorf classrooms, but also homes and work spaces.

T y p O g r a p h y

Playing with letter shapes and signs has been a part of my artistic background since the moment I walked into the Studio Apeloig on Rue Layfayette in Paris at 19 years old. In the studio I was surrounded by the in depth and researched structure of Philippe Apeloig’s creations. Throughout my time helping Philippe, he taught me that there is also playfulness in creating signage and posters. Go to design & logo!

Santee Public Gallery

This Jelly Fish mural is a part of the ongoing art scene in downtown Los Angeles with Santee Public Gallery. Inspired by the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean, I used acrylics to create these bioluminescent creatures.

Snowboard Art

Inspired by the French Alps and the nature found on these flowering mountain tops, this snowboard now finds a new life on exhibition.

Hues of Blues

Each color has properties that touch upon our emotions and mindset, this is called Color Theory. During my art studies in France, I was introduced to Goethe’s Theory of Colours. Althought I had been aware of the power color has in my life to express emotions of saddness or happiness, this indepth observation of color goes beyond.

Living in Art

I feel joy that I have been given the opportunity to transform this space into something magical. It is the perfect place to sip on coffee and eat croissant.

Dancing With Color

The process of a mural is all embodying. At times brushing on color is like dancing to me. It is a moment when all elements of my life come together in order to transform a blanck wall canvas into color and expression.

Waldorf Lazure Paints

Since the lazure process is based upon using layer upon layer of translusent color, I always start off with concentrated pigments of pure color that I then dilute in water and medium. Above is a picture of the concetrated pigments.

Lazure Nature Mural

Being able to combine both the Lazure technique and painting together was a wonderful experience.

Sunsets and Snow Art

This is a detail of the vibrant nuances within a Lazure mural painting. Hues of warm violets and pinks fade into the golden sunset. To the foreground are two snowboards painted in mixed media.

The Golden Hour

Finding the right medium for each mural is a part of my artistic practice. I strive to create unique mural art that speaks to it’s environment.

When in Process

Mural art goes through many constant changes as it evolves into the final art piece. Here I started with the roots and trunk of the trees before branching out to details. This piece consisted of several layers of gold Posca paint pen to give it the shiny metalic consitancy of gold.

Watercolor Mural Sketch

Before going wild with color, I run a few ideas by my clients for them to reflect on as either starting points or final drafts. This is a sketch for a mural project in watercolor and ink that I drew up as an example. The background painting is called “wet on wet” watercolor. A technique practiced in the Waldorf education that hightens the sensibility of color movement and blends.

Rock ‘n Roll

A black and white mural dedicated to the golden oldies and evolution of rock music. More photos coming soon!