Mural & Waldorf lazure Art

Français : Déco Waldorf Lazure

La methode de la déco Waldorf lazure est une technique de peinture murale qui a commencé dans les salles de cours des écoles Waldorf (inventé par M. Rudolf Steiner en 1919). L’application commence avec des courleurs diluées à l’eau pour faire des couches semi-transparentes afin de créer des dégradés et des nuances de couleurs. Pour l’œil, c’est comme regarder les nuages dans le ciel ; une action naturelle et relaxante car il y a une profondeur à chercher. La théorie des couleurs joue un rôle impératif dans la création en lien avec l’espace et sa fonction : lieu de vie ou de travail, salle polyvalente, espace d’éducation.

English : Lazure murals

The Lazure painting method is created by the special brush technique and use off water based paints like watercolor. Invented by Mr. Rudolf Steiner in 1919, it was first seen in the Waldorf school classrooms. By layering anywhere from 5 to 20 semi-transparent colors, a sense of depth and vibrant nuances are formed. This ensemble of color is natural to the eye as we look for depth and is compared much to looking at clouds in the sky. The choice and theory of color play an important role depending on the functionality of the space: Home, work, conference halls, classrooms, etc.

Sunset and garden Mural with Waldorf Lazure methods.

Finished Waldorf lazure. The colors are very important as they evoke certain emotions. This is a large arched entry surrounded by mountains and nature.

The Waldorf lazure technique is created my layering almost transparent shades of color in order to create a sense of depth and yet softness.

For the Waldorf lazure methode I use very large and soft brushes to create the continuous stokes used for this technique.

Before – Project Waldorf lazure painting. Here we have the walls prepped with A+ quality water based paint. This is most important for the Lazure vibrant colors.

Growth of a Garden mural in Waldorf lazure technique.  Layers upon layers of translucent water-based paint create a natural sense of sunlight and warmth to the atmosphere.

Waldorf lazure sunset wall and personal snowboard art.

Waldorf lazure – Peach, orange, and hues of yellow in living room.

Mural art – Downtown LA for the Santee Street Art Gallery. A community based outdoor zone that’s forever growing.

At work painting Jelly fish.

The making of Outdoor Red Barn Gallery on the side of a barn in Sonoma County, California.

Detail – painting on Outdoor Red Barn Gallery Sonoma County, California.

Mural art – This deep blue and golden tree composition was created in order to follow the architectural structure in order to be in harmony with the space.

Detail of deep blue and golden tree mural.

Guide T-shirt for Grotte et Cascade de Seythenex. The original artwork for the design was drawn directly on site in front of the beautiful waterfall. Now for sale on site!

Original drawing for Grotte et Cascade de Seythenex.

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