Sketching the dancers’ movement on my black paper as they sway and step to a live cello’s music. Later imposing their forms with words, the entire poster composition became a dance as I felt all the elements of inspiration working together. A wonderful creative process that I am so blessed to have been a part of! les pas perdus dance association

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Authentic posters for Les pas perdus dance association! It started with photography at the dance studiothen it was just dancing through design from there on. Everything about this process was fun, and to me makes more than just a poster – it’s an art piece made to capture the moment.

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  • Prints available please contact for details!


Je suis en France! My 1st T-Shirt drawing (pen on paper) for Grotte & Cascade in Seythenex France. What could be more enjoyable than an artist being able to draw waterfalls and nature for a project. I sincerely am enjoying this project, wonderful people and I got to test out the zip-line too!

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Rhapsody collaborated with the music group The Flow to create a live art performance for the MaMaSte Festival 2017 in Grenoble, France.

Inspired by the rhythmic; sound of the Tabla drums, vocals and guitar, Rhapsody put down the entire music sensation on her 4x6ft paper. Materials used for the performance were watercolor and charcoal stick. Rhapsody mentions “…I was extremely nervous because all of a sudden it dawned on me that I only had one go at my painting and that everyone was watching! It was a wonderful performance to be a part of because everyone was so warm and interested in the art… The children came close to me while I was painting – definitely a heartfelt experience and I cant wait to do it again.”


Outside of Paris in an old farm house Rhapsody was given the opportunity to let her creative side out and paint the walls with color.

Inspired not only by the local apple trees with an abundance of ripe fruit at their feet, her dear friends dancing in the studio space but also the music playlist, the paintings were able to come to life. In her words, “I’m painting the atmosphere as I feel it.”



This outdoor gallery is mounted on an old barn in Sonoma County, California in the heart of the Redwood forest. This permanent and growing exhibition, varnished for protection against the elements, is an on-going project. Each year when Rhapsody visits her home town she will add more art. Above are up and coming artworks to be added on for 2018.