Work With Me

I put my whole person, love and sincerity into all of my artwork simply because it brings me joy!


At the beginning of each painting project the overall space (including, architectural components, natural light and dark areas) are observed. Colors and saturation are chosen to create a visual composition that accentuates the qualities and balances the overall space. Throughout the painting process daily photos will be sent directly to your inbox so you’ll always be up to date on the progress of your project!

Color Selection

“…No color can be considered as stationary…” – Wolfgang Von Goethe

As light and shadow shift throughout the day, so are the colors forever changing. Each project is unique and taking a moment to choose the right colors and blends to capture the purpose of each space is important.

A few of my major artistic influences include: Georgia O’Keeffe, Claude Monet, August Rodin and Albrecht Dürer.


• Art Commissions

• Interior/Exterior Mural Art

• Waldorf Lazure Décor Painting  (Lazure PDF)

• Live Painting + Art at Your Event!  Live Painting+Art (PDF)

• Watercolor Workshops for Adults and Children

*All materials are high quality, non-toxic and odorless

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